Case Study

European Airline

Strict corrosion survey in need of forensic analysis.

Working with the airline, we used a wide range of methods to simulate the environment that gear hubs are exposed to and examined the levels of corrosion they can face.


The client was concerned about the stringency of the gear hub surveys being carried out by its OEM engine manufacturers. The airline perceived this as unreasonable and excessive. Dwan Forensic Engineering were appointed as metallurgical consultants to identify if it was possible to re-evaluate the parameters of these surveys.


We carried out a detailed inspection of the environment within which the gear hubs were being used. Using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), we implemented a full metallurgical analysis. Submersion corrosion tests were also carried out on a number of gear hub components over a period of time to simulate the environment that the components would be subjected to.

Any corrosion was accurately measured, both optically and with cutting-edge SEM analysis, to provide a clear picture of the corrosion these components could face.


The results of our corrosion analysis led us to agree that the criteria for the inspection survey was excessive. Following consultation with the airline and OEM engine manufacturers on the basis of the criteria and the corrosion investigation carried out, a very satisfactory conclusion was reached for the client with substantial cost savings.