Case Study

Major Infrastructure Company

Investigation required into the corrosion of stainless steel internal rivets of tunnel ventilation jet fans.

Using engineering failure analysis, we looked into the causes of the corrosion, examining a number of factors in the design of the rivets. We looked at what had led to the premature corrosion, and what needed to be done to prevent it from happening in the future.


Jet fans in a major tunnel suffered corrosion which required investigation as to the root cause of failure.


To investigate the cause of the corrosion, we carried out a full engineering failure analysis. Firstly, this involved using metallurgical microscopy and chemical analysis of the failed rivets. Investigation of then working environment was conducted to fully appraise the application. Corrosion failure was deemed the root cause of the issues. Due to their relatively early failure, the grade and size dimensions of the stainless steel rivets were investigated.


Informed by the findings of our corrosion analysis, the rivets were successfully replaced along with satisfactory installation and recommissioning of the jet fan units.