Case Study

Pharmaceutical Multinational

Analysing weld design and fatigue life assessment.

The company required a new autoclave design to ensure a satisfactory operational life. Extensive stress analysis identified the need for changes in design to welded joints and weld procedures.


A new autoclave design was required in order to provide satisfactory operational life and prevention of fatigue failure.


We carried out extensive stress analysis using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) which was conducted using Design-By-Analysis (DBA) methodology with a special emphasis on weld fatigue life assessment to BS 7608 standard. It was deemed essential to carry out full model analysis in order to determine weld joint design and structural fatigue life. Test welds were conducted, and recommendations were advised in regard to the welding operation.

Following this weld fatigue life assessment, a series of design changes to joint design and weld configurations were required for a satisfactory operational life.


Following the full Design-By-Analysis (DBA) using FEA, the stress and weld fatigue life assessment indicated the changes required in design of the welded joints and weld procedures along with the materials used. These changes would result in a satisfactory operational life and were advised to the client and duly adopted.