The medical and pharmaceutical sectors are huge industries developing life-saving drugs and devices and product failure or process equipment failure is detrimental to their wellbeing. The analysis and investigation in order to get to the root cause of failure is paramount for this industrial group. Besides, possible human injury for the medical devices industry and loss of life-saving drugs due to equipment failure is the enemy of the pharmaceutical industry.

Dwan Forensic Engineering have experience in investigating failures in this environment and understanding the critical nature of their businesses. We get to the root cause of failure and devote all our energies to remove the obstacles with efficiency and determination. We understand the need to find the failure mode of typical process equipment, such as pressure vessels, process piping and valves in order to recommend a solution. We apply the full metallurgical analysis tools at our disposal to get to the satisfactory conclusion of eliminating product or equipment failure. From Failure Analysis & Fracture Investigation we also make recommendations to rectification and restoration of equipment. We investigate Weld Failure and determine the root cause using relevant standards, e.g. BS 7910, API 579-1. We review designs of welded structures regarding the correct joint configurations and weld type to eliminate weld failure. This is achieved using Fatigue & Fracture Mechanics Assessment to the various standards e.g. BS 7608, AWS D1.1. Increasing fatigue life of welded joints is paramount for the full operation of process equipment.

Case Study

Analysing the causes of pressure vessel weld failure due to fatigue.

Weld fatigue can seriously jeopardise the structural integrity of pressure vessels, this problem needed to be solved as quickly as possible.