Dwan Forensic Engineering have carried out various failure analysis and fracture investigations throughout the world. We have provided and performed thorough analysis of our clients’ assignments through our global team of metallurgists and engineers.

Fractography is one of the pillars in any failure investigation. Fractographic analysis is carried out using the investigative tools of optical and electron microscopy (SEM & BSD).  Where necessary, techniques like metallography give insight into the microstructural properties of the component. Chemical analysis using EDS/EDX, OES & FTIR advanced techniques yield further information.  

Mechanical property testing e.g. tensile, hardness, impact or fracture toughness can also be carried out.  Corrosion testing is sometimes used to aid in the analysis and cause of failure.

In more advanced and challenging assignments, a multidisciplinary team is assembled to fully understand & locate the root cause of failure. Stress analysis using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and fracture mechanics may be required for further in-depth investigation.

A full project management is very important where a multidisciplinary team is required to provide a satisfactory result for the client. Our philosophy of continued professional development expands our knowledge base and ensures abreast of the latest findings and developments.

Dwan Forensic Engineering doesn’t just report results and findings, we give opinions, advice and recommendations on eliminating the Root Cause of the Failure. This is extremely important to our industry and our clients.

Case Study

Analysing the causes of pressure vessel weld failure due to fatigue.

Weld fatigue can seriously jeopardise the structural integrity of pressure vessels, this problem needed to be solved as quickly as possible.