Litigation and Expert Witness roles are one of the main areas which Dwan Forensic Engineering provide. In common law countries, the expert witness has a duty to the court and assist them in their understanding of the technical issues involved. In other countries, the legal systems are different, and the expert witness is to aid the client.

Dwan Forensic Engineering have experience of both systems having provided expert witness services and court representation in a selection of countries in Europe. Court representation in all areas covering Criminal, Civil Law & Arbitration.

An excellent expert witness must have a sound academic background with extensive practical problem-solving skills in addition to industrial experience. These attributes combined result in a breadth and depth of knowledge to solve complex problems.                   

Expert reports have a vital role to play in litigation cases. We aim to produce an outstanding expert report to ascertain the true cause of failure leaving no stone unturned.

In our experience, an excellent expert report can prevent expensive litigation costs and lead to a successful outcome for the client. We ensure this through the presentation of clear technical and complex scientific evidence to bring a satisfactory conclusion which both saves time and expensive legal costs.