Dwan Forensic Engineering supports designers and engineers of steel structures through the provision of expertise in materials selection, fabrication feasibility and weld plan. This expertise also extends to large machinery and equipment where weld fabrication is the method of joining.

Our expertise includes materials engineering, corrosion protection and fabrication capability assessment. We provide reviews of fatigue design of welded structures as well as weld joint configuration and weld sequence for design teams.

We provide assistance and criticality review of the weld fabrication, materials and corrosion protection. This includes critical review of the structural design from a fabrication perspective.

DWAN Forensic Engineering has experience in the expert witness role required in the litigation of large welded structural failures. The provision of design reviews and expert witness reports to enable the client to evaluate the pros and cons of their case. Reviews of plaintiff/defendant expert reports is crucial to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our clients especially in litigation cases.